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Arsenal Supporters Clubs' Most Commonly-Asked Question?

Having been living overseas (Sydney - Cheers Bar, shows every game, lots of screens, Scousers and Geordies might be hard to avoid) and travelled a bit recently (New York - O'Hanlons, buzzing with Guinness-fuelled Gooners on a Sunday morning), I've found myself hunting for the best place to watch an Arsenal game in various cities. It seems I'm not alone as Google searches reveal 1,000s of others asking "where can I watch the Arsenal game?"

Luckily, there are Gooners everywhere getting together to watch the games in Arsenal pubs, often banning fans of other teams and creating a brilliant atmosphere with the latest Emirates songs already being sung :-) The US in particular seems to have a passionate Arsenal FC supporters group in every city.

To save those travelling or relocating asking, and Arsenal admins around the world answering the same question over and again, I've created a Google map of Arsenal pubs around the world. Feel free to use, share and download.

Let me know if your Nigerian local is missing, you've found a hidden gem in the Andes or anything needs updating. COYG!

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